Jo Feghale

Jo has been practicing yoga since 2000, and has studied with many teachers of various schools.

She travelled to South Africa and completed her teacher training in 2009 with AfricaYoga and immediately began teaching Vinyasa Yoga in Cape Town.

Jo continuously immerses herself in workshops and courses, deepening her knowledge and skills. Excited and inspired to continue her own education, she regularly travels to America to study with her teachers.
Jo weaves into her teaching different elements of her experience as it resonates with her.

She aspires to inspire her students to go deeper into breath and body, to reconnect to the core aspect of themselves, consciously moving towards freedom by being receptive and tuned in to their own energy. Her classes are Vinyasa Flow aimed at cultivating strength and flexibility while maintaining a softness of Being. They are interwoven with elements of fun and play with particular attention to technique and breath.

Internationale Gastlehrerin bei Power Yoga Institute.

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